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Polaris OGIO 9800 Rig Roller

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Introducing our rolling gear bag with a Structural Load Equalizing Deck (SLED) System, designed to enhance durability and handling. This bag features adjustable dividers and multiple multi-use LID compartments, ensuring ample space for all your gear. The padded interior provides protective cushioning for your helmet chamber and other belongings. With a wide-mouth LID opening, accessing your gear compartments is a breeze. Maneuvering is made effortless with the telescoping pull handle and oversized wheels with extra clearance. Additionally, our secure-hold compression strap system keeps everything securely in place.
  • Rolling gear bag with Structural Load Equalizing Deck (SLED) System for better durability and handling
  • Gear bag with adjustable dividers and several multi-use LID compartments provides a spot for all your gear
  • Padded gear bag provides protective cushioning for helmet chamber and the rest of your gear
  • Wide-mouth LID opening allows easy access to gear compartments
  • Telescoping pull handle and oversized wheels with extra clearance make it easy to maneuver
  • Secure-hold compression strap system keeps everything in place

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