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50 QT/47.3L Hard Cooler - El Amigo

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50 QT Hard Cooler 

Get the party started with El Amigo 50qt cooler - designed to hold over 60 frosty cans, snacks and plenty of ice. Keep 'em chilled with pressure-injected commercial-grade polyethylene extra thick insulated walls and lid. Bob's got your back with a removable dry basket included! The rapid sloped drain system & tethered threaded plug for easy garden hose attachment is just icing on the cake!

  • 27.2" x 19.1" x 15.9" (69cm x 48.5cm x 40.5cm)
  • Fits 60 12oz cans (only)
  • FREE Dry Basket with purchase! $18 value
  • Preload Bob with ice a few hours before use to get the optimal chilling temperature.
  • Load up the cooler with ⅔ ice and ⅓ contents, and make sure you're using cold (rather than wet) ice. Don't drain the water from the cooler - it helps keep things cold!
  • A mix of block and cubed ice will cool your contents quickly while lasting longer in the process.
  • Keep all air pockets filled with extra ice or crumpled newspaper.
  • Limit access to reduce unnecessary warm air entering the cooler.
  • Keep Bob out of direct sunlight for maximum chill time.

Cleaning Recommendations: 

Recommended hand wash with soap and warm water, avoid abrasive chemicals. 


After hearing about Bob's coolers we just had to join in the fun. This sweet brand has a similar passion for powersports and you may even see them at the races from time to time. You can read more about Bob's coolers at the link below!

Thank you for supporting small business across America. 


Bob The Cooler Company

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