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25QT / 23.6L Hard Cooler, Bob The Cooler Company

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25 QT Hard Cooler - The Wingman

Get the party started with "The Wingman" 25qt cooler - designed to hold a 30 pack, snacks and plenty of ice. Keep 'em chilled with Pressure-injected commercial-grade polyethylene extra thick insulated walls and lid. Crack open some pops & brews with custom lid latching bottle openers.

Fits 35 12oz cans (only)

  • 21.2" x 15.6" x 15.2" (54cm x 39.5cm x 38.5cm)  
  • Preload Bob with ice a few hours before use to get the optimal chilling temperature.
  • Load up the cooler with ⅔ ice and ⅓ contents, and make sure you're using cold (rather than wet) ice. Don't drain the water from the cooler - it helps keep things cold!
  • A mix of block and cubed ice will cool your contents quickly while lasting longer in the process.
  • Keep all air pockets filled with extra ice or crumpled newspaper.
  • Limit access to reduce unnecessary warm air entering the cooler.
  • Keep Bob out of direct sunlight for maximum chill time.


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