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100% Accuri 2 Sand Goggles Smoke Lens

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Color: Neon Orange/Smoke

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Dominate the desert with the ultimate sand protection.

  • Special closed-cell foam keeps out the finest dust and sand particles
  • Extra dark smoke lens shields against bright light conditions
  • Flexible urethane frame ensures comfort and fits over eyeglasses

Don't let the harsh desert conditions compromise your vision. The 100% accuri 2 sand goggles are engineered to provide unparalleled protection against sand, dust, and glare. With a special closed-cell foam lining, you can conquer the most intense environments without a speck getting in your eyes. And the extra dark smoke lens and flexible urethane frame ensure all-day comfort, even in the brightest conditions.

These goggles are a must-have for off-road enthusiasts, construction workers, and anyone who regularly braves the elements. Elevate your desert adventures and worksite performance with the superior protection and comfort of the 100% accuri 2.

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