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TOBE Nimbus V2 Boot

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Color: Jet Black

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Nimbus Snowmobile Boot is the top-of-the-line backcountry snowmobile boot. This premium snowmobile boot utilizes 1200 grams of insulation and the Sympatex® membrane makes it 100% wind & waterproof. The revolutionary 2-in-1 design of this boot offers incredible functionality. First, the inner boot is soft and well-cushioned for a long, comfortable ride. Secondly, after a few hours of wearing these boots, the natural heat given off by your body custom-molds the inner boots to the shape of your feet.

Sympatex® 45,000 mm

100% wind & waterproof
 - Optimal breathability - Heavy duty materials - Moisture wicking liner - 45 000 mm Water Column

Sympatex® membrane - 100% wind & waterproof - 1200 grams Insulation - Reinforced seams

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