Polaris Modular 1.0 Helmets w/ Heated Shield

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Our updated Modular helmet offers up everything you need in a helmet starting with a perfect fit and updated graphics. Features including a quick release breath guard and chin curtain. The breath guard directs hot air down and out of the helmet to reduce fogging while the chin guard seals out cold air and snow dust. The tough and sleek injection-molded shell is engineered for cutting edge style and airflow making this helmet incredibly quiet. You’re always ready to ride with the articulating chin bar which allows to keep your helmet on. Stop to talk, have a drink of water, and always stay warm. An integrated flip-down electric shield adds the convenience of sun and glare protection to your vision while a Proclip quick release chin strap allows you to fasten the chin strap in just seconds. The dual-pane shield is coated for maximum fog and scratch resistance for superior vision in any weather condition.

  • Modular 1.0 Adult Helmet with Electric Shield, Black
  • Tough and sleek molded shell
  • Engineered for a quiet ride
Color Black
Safety DOT Certified