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100% Accuri 2 Goggles Clear

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Color: Dunder/Clear

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Unlock your full potential on the slopes or trails with the Accuri 2 Goggles. Boasting a 17.5% larger vertical field of view, this eyewear provides the ultimate panoramic vision to keep you aware of your surroundings. Secure your fit with the triple-post tear-off system and relish in the all-day comfort of the ultra-thick triple-layer face foam that absorbs sweat. The 45mm wide silicone-coated strap ensures maximum grip, while the nine-point lens retention system keeps your view distortion-free and crystal-clear, thanks to the anti-fog coated polycarbonate lens.

Elevate your performance and protect your eyes with the Accuri 2 Goggles. Whether you're a seasoned skier, snowboarder, or outdoor enthusiast, this cutting-edge gear will immerse you in the action and enhance your experience. Conquer the slopes or trails with confidence, knowing your vision is secure and your comfort is uncompromised.

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